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Welcome to My Life
Friday, 17 March 2006
Hello World~
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: The Air Conditioner!
Topic: My latest work...
Wow! I still have a web page! Who'da thunk?! I'm so terrible at this thing. It would help if we still had the computer at the house, but it's up here at John's office. A lot has happened since I last wrote. Like...2006 for one! haha I'm so cleaver! (yeh, I know how I spelled that, and it was on purpose.) I got a new job. Here in my hometown. Again I say, who'da thunk?! I love it, it's great. I really like the girls I work w/. I do however, miss my friends at Fort Gibson. But you've gotta do what you've gotta do.
Other than that, nothing really to tell. Oh yeah, maybe one thing. WE FINALLY CLOSED ON OUR HOUSE!!! Yeah, we're homeowners! Who's stoked, cause I am! It's nice. We've painted our big bathroom and did some major updating and it looks 150 times better. Again I say STOKED! Now it's time for the kitchen and the den. So any ideas, let me know.
Well I guess I'll go for now. I've got a busy evening planned. I miss everyone who's gonna read this, if anyone does. Leave me some love!

Posted by typhaniee at 3:11 PM MST
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Tuesday, 27 September 2005
So I can take pix, but for some reason can't get em on here
Mood:  irritated
Let's see if this works this time...cross your fingers and lite a candle for me, the computer dumbass.

This is Chris and his new wife Denise. The two girls are her daughters, Hannah, she is 10 and Brynlee, she's 4. They're a great family and I'm really happy for all of them. I'll be REALLY happy if these stinking pictures would go up here. If they don't, I'm calling the Diva!

Posted by typhaniee at 8:47 PM MDT
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My latest work
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: My latest work...
I'm in a better mood today, not that I could get into a worse mood than last time. Anywho, I'm on VACA! Can you say stoked! I thought I would post some pix for you all this time. Hope you enjoy!

This is a wedding I shot 2 weeks ago, this is just some of the pix. Pretty good looking crowd. Anyway, I gotta go, leave me some thougts.

Posted by typhaniee at 4:21 PM MDT
Wednesday, 14 September 2005
Don't know, don't care
Mood:  don't ask
Now Playing: Random skitzo me, be glad you can't hear em...
Ever had one of those days when you just don't give a flying flip. Yeah, well this was one of those days. Did you know that I have just quit caring. Screw it, screw it all, I just don't give a shit anymore. Not a flippin' SHIT. The world shits on me once more, and to make it even better, no one else gives a shit either. Don't know why, don't care why. I'm going to take a shower and go to bed. Atleast in my sleep the people that hurt me are fake and I can beat the shit out of them.

Posted by typhaniee at 7:53 PM MDT
Wednesday, 7 September 2005
Is This Where You Want To Be When God Comes Back?
Mood:  quizzical
Now Playing: A Few Questions For You...
Ok, I got a rather disturbing phone call from my step-sister today. I'm not quite sure as how to take it, so I thought I would run it past everyone, or anyone that reads this. (I'm not sure if there are many of you, but eh, it's worth a shot.)
Ok, she tells me that she needs one of Tristan's good shirts that I have here b/c he has pictures tomorrow. Fine, no problem, then she springs this on me. "Here in a few days, Tristan's Bo-Bo is going to come get him and explain to him when is the proper time to ask people about God." I asked her what she meant by this, I'm thinking that Tristan had gone up to a stranger and asked about God, or he's in the middle of Wal-Mart yelling at people about God or something. So she says,"Well today I was almost in a wreck and I started cussing and then I was pissed off and just not in the mood and Tristan says, 'Momma, is this where you want to be when God comes back?' " I'm laughing at this point b/c that's awesome, what 5 year old knows that kind of thing?? And she is furious. She said she's not going to have her 5 year old "throwing his religion on her" and she knows her place w/ God right now and him asking her that doesn't help her situation any. I'm almost in tears by now, I'm not sure whether to cry for Tristan, or laugh at her. She continues"...and the other day Tristan was standing by his daddy and he was talking about stuff and he was cussing and Tristans asks Toby, 'Daddy, is this where you want to be when God comes back?' " (his dad is worth probably 3 cents soaking wet. He's pretty much useless, breathing air someone else could be. I just don't see why my sister has wasted 7 years of her life. He does nothing but bring her down to scum level. Your basic I'm 30 years old, never had a job, never will get a job, I'm too tired to watch my son while my "wife" is at school so I'll put him in front of the TV his WHOLE life and go back to sleep b/c I stayed up too late doing "illegal" things that Tiffany shant write about at this time. Oh and I won't let my common law "wife" get a job either, when she does get one, I'll just tell her that I can't watch our son b/c I'm sick. When really I'm just worthless. Ask me about what I really think of him when I'm not talking about God in the same blog) I'm in the closet of my work, on the floor laughing by now!!! She says,"Tiffany this is not funny. This is a serious matter and you need to talk to him about this." I asked her why. She informed me that Tristan was at that time in his room, in trouble, and would be there for a while for what he had done. I asked her what she expected him to learn from her "punishment".
This is where it gets good, dear readers. Now mind you that my step-sister here was tested close to genious level when she was younger. Always in the gifted and talented program, validictorian of her Senior class and didn't even finish all of her Junior year. And gave birth her Senior year. Now, after all of that background I gave you, I must tell you that she has the common sense of a rock. For all you smarties out there, that means NONE! She tells me, "He'll learn not to talk to his parents like that. And that when I'm in a bad mood that asking questions like that is not appropriate."
Uh....big silence from Tiffany, aka always the "special" child in the family. I was always the one that it was ok if I got a C on my report card b/c...she's not as smart as the other kids. But I'm the dumbass here and I know that her 5 year old, say it again w/ me folks, 5 YEAR OLD, is smarter than his mother. She sounds completly stupid to me.
I told her that I was not going to have a "talk" w/ said child, b/c quite frankly, I agree w/ him. She was like you have to, I'm not going to be spoken to like that. She says,"I'm glad that he's got such an intrest in God, really I am, but he's not going to talk to me like that."
Wanna know what I think? I think she knows he's right. And the thought of her 5 year old son telling her that she's wrong about something as major as this is humiliating to her. Life sucks, huh sis.
So, I shall not be talking to said child about asking people that, b/c to tell you the truth, if it makes people stop and think, he's doing his job. Good for him and God bless him for it.
Other than that, I guess that's all I have to say for now. Let me know what you all think.
Mucho Love!

Posted by typhaniee at 8:43 PM MDT

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